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Coats & Jackets for Boy Dogs
When cold weather hits, keep your pup toasty with one of our boy dog coats! We have a wide variety of colors, patterns, and styles, sure to match any lifestyle. If your dog hates rainy days, our boy dog raincoats are sure to be a hit. For snowy climates, take a look at our water repellent dog coats to keep your dog warm and dry in the worst winter weather. Small dogs, puppies, and senior pets have a harder time regulating their body heat. Bundle them up in one of our fashionable yet functional dog coats. We have fleece dog coats, coats with fur lined hoods, wind repellent dog jackets, and more!

Puppia Absolute 09 Dog Coat

Absolute 09 Dog Coat
Originally $56.99-85.99

 SALE!  $31.39 – $47.39
Pooch Outfitters Alexis Dog Parka

Alexis Dog Parka

Base Jumper Rain Coat
 $47.99 – $74.99
East Side Collection Corduroy Toggle Dog Coat

Corduroy Toggle Dog Coat
Originally $25.99-$36.99

 SALE!  $10.49 – $18.69
Coup D’etat Dog Coat

Coup D’etat Dog Coat
Originally $68.99-$94.99

 SALE!  $37.99 – $52.29

Dog Rain Jacket
Casual Canine Dog Snowsuits

Dog Snowsuits
Originally $39.99

 SALE!  $19.79

Expedition Reflective Dog Snowsuit
Originally $49.99

 SALE!  $21.99
Puppia Finale Dog Jacket

Finale Dog Jacket / PURPLE / SMALL
Originally $79.00-$85.00

 SALE!  $43.49 – $46.79
Fleece Dog Vest with Ripstop Chest

Fleece Dog Vest with Ripstop Chest
Originally $19.99-$32.99

 SALE!  $8.29 – $14.89
East SIde Collection Monkey Business Stowaway Dog Jacket

Monkey Business Stowaway Dog Jacket / PINK / SMALL/MED
Originally $17.99-$27.99

 SALE!  $8.29 – $11.59
Plaid Blanket Dog Coat

Plaid Blanket Dog Coat / BLUE / SMALL
Originally $19.99-$32.99

 SALE!  $8.29 – $17.59
Zack & Zoey Reflective Thermal Dog Jacket

Reflective Thermal Dog Jacket
Originally $25.99-$42.99

 SALE!  $8.79 – $18.69
Stowaway Rain Jackets For Dogs

Stowaway Rain Jackets For Dogs
Originally $17.99-$27.99

 SALE!  $7.19 – $10.49
Thermal Lined Dog Jackets

Thermal Lined Jackets
Originally $19.99-$32.99

 SALE!  $8.79 – $18.69
Zack & Zoey Utility Dog Jacket

Utility Dog Jacket
Originally $$21.99-$32.99

 SALE!  $9.89 – $15.39