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Hats, Sunglasses, & Doggles
Sunny days are wonderful, but it’s always imperative to guard your pooch from the UV rays. Luckily we carry everything your dog desires to have fun in the sun safely. Check out our dog hats that are ever changing with the seasons and fashions, they are sure to keep your pup looking fashionable. If your dog is a beach bum or a sun soaker we carry different colors of dog sunglasses to shield those puppy eyes. We offer Doggles dog eye wear; designed with deep lenses, an extra wide nose bridge, and various colors to please dog and owners alike. Help your dog bask in the sun contentedly.

Pinkaholic Artwork Dog Snoods

Artwork Dog Snoods

Cowboy Hat for Dogs
Pinkaholic Dawning Dog Hat

Dawning Dog Hat
Doggles ILS - Blue Dog Eyewear

Doggles ILS - Blue
Originally $22.99

 SPECIAL!  $19.99
Doggles ILS - Chrome Dog Eyewear

Doggles ILS - Chrome
Originally $22.99

 SPECIAL!  $19.99
Doggles ILS - Metallic Black Dog Eyewear

Doggles ILS - Metallic Black
Originally $22.99

 SPECIAL!  $19.99
Doggles ILS - Pink Dog Eyewear

Doggles ILS - Pink
Originally $22.99

 SPECIAL!  $19.99
Doggles ILS - Racing Flame/Orange Dog Eyewear

Doggles ILS - Racing Flame/Orange
Originally $22.99

 SPECIAL!  $19.99
Doggles ILS - Red Dog Eyewear

Doggles ILS - Red
Originally $22.99

 SPECIAL!  $19.99
Pinkaholic Dreamy Dog Snood

Dreamy Dog Snood / PINK / SMALL
Originally $15.99

 SALE!  $8.79
Pinkaholic Fancy Dog Snoods

Fancy Dog Snood
Aria Jolly Jingle Dog Antlers

Jolly Jingle Dog Antlers
 $9.99 – $10.99
K9 Optix for Dogs - Copper

K9 Optix for Dogs - Copper
Doggles K9 Optix for Dogs - Pink

K9 Optix for Dogs - Pink
K9 Optix for Dogs - Silver/Black

K9 Optix for Dogs - Silver/Black
Pinkaholic Melia Dog Snoods

Melia Dog Snood
East Side Collection Northern Lights Hat & Leg Warmer Sets for Dogs

Northern Lights Hat & Leg Warmer Set for Dogs
Pinkaholic Safari Dog Snoods

Safari Dog Snood
Pooch Outfitters Santa Paws Dog Hat

Santa Paws Dog Hat
Aria Sequin Santa Dog Hats

Sequin Santa Dog Hat
 $6.99 – $8.99
Pinkaholic Skyline Dog Hat

Skyline Dog Hat
Aria Witch Dog Hats

Witch Hats for Dogs
Originally $5.99

 SALE!  $4.79