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When it comes to stylish, yet affordable dog clothes, Doggie Vogue has it all! We have a wide variety of dog sweaters, dresses, t-shirts, coats, and more! During the cold winter months your snow baby will bark with delight over our dog sweaters and coats. Need a fancy dress for a formal occasion? We have a plethora of party dresses for your furry fashionista to pick from. We offer a large selection of dog t-shirts, which are a great option for year round wear. T-shirts not only look cute, they are beneficial, too! T-shirts protect your pooch from harmful UV rays and can help dogs with skin allergies, or even help humans allergic to dog hair. Whatever your occasion, Doggie Vogue has a fashionable and affordable answer!

Kong 3-in-1 Dog Jackets

3-in-1 Dog Jacket
Originally $29.99

 SALE!  $17.59
East Side Collection 3-in-1 Eskimo Dog Jackets

3-in-1 Eskimo Dog Jacket
Originally $39.99

 SALE!  $16.49
Ruff Ruff Couture Aaron Dog Hoodie

Aaron Dog Hoodie
 $43.99 – $45.99
Pooch Outfitters Aaron Polo Dog Shirt

Aaron Polo Dog Shirt
Pooch Outfitters Abbey Dog Parka

Abbey Dog Parka

Aberdeen Dog Sweater
Puppia Absolute 09 Dog Coat

Absolute 09 Dog Coat
Originally $56.99-85.99

 SALE!  $31.39 – $47.39
I See Spot Absolutely Fabulous Dog Dress

Absolutely Fabulous Dog Dress
Originally $24.99

 SALE!  $13.29
East Side Collection Academy Argyle Dog Sweater

Academy Argyle Dog Sweater
Originally $19.99-$29.99

 SALE!  $8.79 – $14.29

Adrian Tie for Dogs
 $19.99 – $21.99

Aggie Dog Hoodie
 $35.99 – $37.99
Pooch Outfitters Aiden Dog Shirt Collar

Aiden Tie for Dogs
 $19.99 – $21.99

Albert Dog Tux
 $43.99 – $45.99

Alex Bow Tie for Dogs

Alexander Tie for Dogs
 $19.99 – $21.99
Pooch Outfitters Alexis Dog Parka

Alexis Dog Parka
Alice Dog Costume

Alice Dog Costume
Originally $28.99-$32.99

 SALE!  $12.69 – $14.89

Alice Dog Panties

Alpine Boy Dog Costume
 $29.99 – $37.99

Alpine Girl Dog Costume
 $29.99 – $37.99

Alps Dog Sweater
Originally $38.99-$40.99

 SALE!  $21.49 – $22.59
I See Spot Always the Bridesmaid Dog Tank

Always the Bridesmaid Dog Tank
Originally $17.99

 SALE!  $9.99
Zack & Zoey America

America's Pup Flag Print Dog Tee
Zack & Zoey Americas Pup Star Dog Hoodies

America's Pup Star Dog Hoodies
Originally $24.99

 SALE!  $10.99

American Denim Dog Bandana

Amore Tie for Dogs
 $19.99 – $21.99

Anchor Bow Accent for Dog Collar - Navy

Anchor Bow Accent for Dog Collar - White
Ruff Ruff Couture Andretti Dog Suit

Andretti Dog Suit
 $43.95 – $45.95
Ruff Ruff Couture Andretti Dog Suit

Andretti Dog Tank
 $35.99 – $37.99
Pooch Outfitters Andrew Dog Bow Tie

Andrew Bow Tie for Dogs
 $19.99 – $21.99

Animal Farm Minky Dog Muscle Tee
 $39.99 – $41.99

Animal Farm Minky Dog Snuggle Suit
 $45.99 – $47.99
Ruff Ruff Couture Annabelle Dog Dress

Annabelle Dog Dress
 $41.95 – $43.95
Pooch Outfitters Annabelle Dog Parka

Annabelle Dog Parka
Originally $40.00

 SALE!  $22.09

Antler Dog Sweater
Originally $24.99

 SALE!  $9.89
Ruff Ruff Couture Apple-A-Day Dog Harness

Apple-A-Day Dog Harness
Apple-A-Day Dog Harness Dress

Apple-A-Day Dog Harness Dress
Pooch Outfitters Aqua Satin Bow Tie

Aqua Satin Bow Tie for Dogs
 $18.00 – $20.00
Aquatic Dog Preservers

Aquatic Dog Preserver
Ruff Ruff Couture Archibald Dog Vest

Archibald Dog Vest
 $43.99 – $45.99
Ruff Ruff Couture Archibald Snuggle Dog Suits

Archibald Snuggle Dog Suit
 $55.99 – $57.99

Arctic Dog Sweater
Originally $19.99

 SALE!  $7.39

Arctic Reflective Dog Coat
Originally $29.99

 SALE!  $13.19

Argyle Dog Hoodie II
 $35.99 – $37.99
Puppia Argyle Mode Dog Sweatshirt

Argyle Mode Dog Sweatshirt / PURPLE / LARGE
Originally $39.00-$41.00

 SALE!  $21.49 – $22.59

Aria Dog Party Dress
Ruff Ruff Couture Ashley Dog Bloomers

Ashley Dog Bloomers
 $29.95 – $33.95
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